How Shipping Works?

As a brand owner, you are fully responsible for processing and shipping the orders you receive through
Offering a great shopping experience is key to building customer loyalty. Please use the following process when receiving an order:

  • Send user an email confirming that the order has been received and will be processed.
  • Ship the order on time and make sure the item(s) gets delivered within the expected dates.
  • Input the tracking number/URL in your Shopify/WooCommerce admin panel to make sure the user is notified and is able to track the item(s) directly from their account.

We will follow up with the user to collect feedback about their experience with your store and will let you know if any issues are raised.  

We strongly encourage you to offer free domestic shipping to incentivize customers to shop from your store. According to "Return Customer", 93% of users expect free shipping in their e-commerce purchases.


At, we will respect and honor your preferred returns policy. However, we strongly suggest that you offer at least 14 days free returns for domestic orders. 

The returns process is quite simple:

  • Our Customer Support team will reach out to you directly if/when a return is requested.
  • We will help you manage the interaction and communication with the customer to make sure the experience is great for both sides.
  • We will reimburse the customer directly (with your approval)